Friday, September 2, 2011

Just My Cup of Tea Bookmark Pattern

Just My Cup of Tea Bookmark

Copyright April 4, 2008 Alisha Simmons
Please do not sell this pattern or the finished product.

Supplies: Size 10 thread in Tan & Cup Color, Size 6 Hook, Small amount of Fiberfill stuffing, Stitch Marker

Note: You will be doing continuos  rounds so you need to mark each round

Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook
(1) 2 sc in each sc around
(2) 2 sc in 1, Sc in 1, rep ar
(3) 2 sc in 1, Sc in 2, rep ar
(4-8) Sc around at end of round 8 slip stitch to first sc
Chain 100, Fasten Off
Make another cup join the chain you made to top of second cup.

Ch 4, Sc in second chain for hook & in next 2 chains, turn
(1-8) Chain 1, sc in each sc across, turn
At end of round 8 sc the long ends together, Fasten off & leave
tail to sew to cup  (will be sewn into cup)

W / Tan Chain 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook
(1) 2 sc in each around
(2) 2 sc in 1, Sc in 1, rep ar
(3) 2 sc in 1, sc in next 2, rep ar
Switch to cup color
(4) Sc around, slip stitch to first sc, now slip stitch
this to inside loops only of last row on cup Stuff as you go


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Geeket said...

OMGosh! I need to make this RIGHT NOW! So cute :) I know my mom will love it too. Too bad I don't think I have the mats in my stash and the yarn store is closed right now :(

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